Your voyage to discovery

I worked as part of a cross functional team at Hatched alongside the internal team at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, an important maritime heritage attraction in Kent. After the success of the previous website that had been designed and created a few years back, the business had evolved across a number of areas and it was time to refresh the user experience.

We were asked to redesign the website to enhance its online presence and visitor experience beyond ticket sales. The primary goals were to clearly communicate its status as an independent charity, showcase diverse services and attractions, and implement a modernised UI/UX design.

Highlighting independence

To emphasize the Dockyard’s status as an independent charity, the homepage now prominently features a dedicated section explaining its charitable mission, from preservation and ways to get involved in supporting the Dockyard, to community outreach and educational endeavours. This not only fosters transparency but also encourages visitor support and donations.

This message is delivered throughout the website, supporting each user path, with its own dedicated charity section, focussing on making the message clearer and the ask more prominent. This is then in turn supported by visitor value, showing the amazing benefits of the Dockyard and all the great things to see and do.

Attractions and services

The new website seamlessly organises the array of services and attractions offered by Chatham Historic Dockyard. An interactive map allows visitors to explore the dockyard’s diverse offerings, including historic ships, museums, and event spaces. Clear and concise descriptions accompany each attraction, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of what the dockyard has to offer as well as a story-filled information about each.

New UI kit

A refreshed UI kit was implemented to create a cohesive and visually appealing design across the website. The colour palette was updated to reflect the maritime heritage, and intuitive navigation elements were incorporated to enhance user engagement. The responsive design ensures a seamless experience across various devices, catering to the needs of modern users. Most importantly focus was given to accessibility through the website to ensure the website is available to all.

Enhanced UX

Incorporating user feedback and industry best practices, the UX was revamped to improve overall navigation and accessibility. Intuitive pathways guide users through the site, through a wide host of offerings, ensuring a smooth journey from discovery to engagement. Emphasis was placed on creating an immersive experience, utilising multimedia elements to showcase the historical significance of the dockyard.

To ensure a collaborative and informed approach, workshops were conducted with Chatham Historic Dockyard’s internal teams. These sessions facilitated knowledge transfer, allowing the team to actively contribute to the redesign process. Insights gained from these workshops played a crucial role in shaping the website’s content and functionality, aligning it more closely with the organisation’s goals.

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