PUSHing a niche tool for music creators into a powerful marketing tool for all creators

With the blossoming of the internet, the last few years has seen the rise of the creator economy. And what a brilliant, quiet revolution it’s been. Finally, with a bit of elbow grease and some marketing nouse, creatives are finally able to turn their passion into a fully fledged business with relative ease.

Along with this movement comes better marketing tools to help these creators to maximize their effort and grow their audience. PUSH.fm is at the forefront leading the charge




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Diversifying the tool

 “I love using push but I wanna be able to post a link to our merch on here as well? – Anonymous User

When I started to work on PUSH.fm it was primarily built for music creators (artists, bands, etc) but from listening to our users we found that our tool could help them with much more than help promote their newest single.

Content Unlock → Reward Link

A Content Unlock was a way for users to engage with their audience and for their fans to unlock the recent music release. 

We implemented the Reward Link to replace this which is essentially the same as but for use across all the new smart link types making it a more diverse tool for all content creators.

Fan Link → Smart Link

Fan link was designed primarily for music creators and allowed users to share their music with their following no matter the streaming platform.

The introduction of the Smart Link allowed users to create landing pages to showcase all of their creative output, such as e-Commerce Store, Bio, Event, Podcast, Music, Live Stream, etc.

Experiment, Analyse, Repeat.

We also found from our research that our users wanted a secure and easy way to track and analyse their campaigns and was the most requested feature by our users. We knew building or own tool would be too costly in terms of development time. So we chose to implement Facebook Pixel as a third party analytics tool. 

And the winner is…

As we were looking into the pain points of our users we found that one of the issues that were facing many creators was that they had trouble coming up with inventive ways of keeping their fan base engaged.

So one feature idea we wanted to test, which utilises an age old marketing method – competitions. With competitions, everyone’s a winner because you can boost your social media followers or perhaps your music listeners, and your audience have the chance to win something.

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