Self-initiated. Side hustle. Passion project.

Ever since I was a sprog, heading down for my annual trip to Woolacombe bay, I have been interested in superficial aspects of surfing. It’s took a recent trip to Mexico for me to discover that it is less of a sport and more of a form meditation, healing and a lifestyle. 


This trip inspired me to create a surf lifestyle brand as a side hustle come passion project of mine. I went through the strict nomenclature protocol of making up a name that I thought sounded cool and is also short. 

The creators behind Oycha Studio are adventure enthusiasts and aficionado’s for high quality clothing that brightens up your day with colour and humour.


It’s early days for this project but Oycha Studio will be built into a beautiful, well rounded brand centred around surf, adventure, well-being and sustainability. Another aim is for Oycha Studio is to collaborate with other illustrators and designers and for it to promote these creatives.

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