Durty Gurties Dining Room

Background: Durty Gurties Dining Room is a pop up restaurant with a silly name, which has taken place in Bristol since our first event in October, 2015. The raison d’être of Durty Gurties is to accommodate as many dietary requirements as possible (such as sufferers of IBS, Coeliacs, Vegans, etc.), and allow customers to taste only the most locally sourced food and drink we could find.


My Input: Name/concept/idea generation, brand identity development and execution, UI/UX design for Website, managing online presence and promotion. And (on a more practical basis) organisation of front of house staff and art direction/project managing the restauraunt build.


If you want to find out more visit Durty Gurties Dining Room

In collaboration with my bro Dan Pudsey

All photos by the talented Sarah Gray